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HQ Machine Comparison Chart

HQ Infinity
HQ Fusion
HQ Avante
Simply Sixteen
Simply Sixteen
Sweet Sixteen
HQ Sweet Sixteen
Throat Space 26" 24" 18" 16" 16"
Easy-Set Tension   Available
Easy-Touch Tension w/presets        
Stitch Regulation Available with TrueStitch
  Precision Mode Available with TrueStitch
  Cruise Mode Available with TrueStitch
  Basting Stitch 5 Options 4 Options 4 Options   5 Options
  Stitches per Inch 4 to 24 4 to 24 4 to 22 4 to 18 4 to 18
Manual Mode 3 Presets 3 Presets 3 Presets 2 Presets 3 Presets
   Light Ring
   UV LEDs    
HQ Handi Feet          
   Ruler Foot
   Open Toe
   Optional Couching Feet Available Available Available Available Available
   Echo Feet Available Available Available Available Available
   Glide Foot Available Available Available Available Available
Quilt Alarm
Quilt Timer
Stitch Counters
Low-bobbin Estimator  
Low-bobbin Alarm  
Stitching Speed (stitches per minute) 3,100 SPM 2,400 SPM 2,200 SPM 1,800 SPM 1,800 SPM
M-Class Bobbin
Needle up/down
Color Touchscreen          
   Rear Available  
Frame/Table 12' Gallery Frame 12' Fusion Frame 12' or 10' HQ
Studio Frame
HQ Little Foot FrameTM
(12' or 10' Studio Frame)
Sweet Sixteen Table
(Optional HQ Hideaway Table)
Pantograph Laser Available  
Front Handlebars  
Front Handlebars Adjustable and Customizable        
Micro Handlebars Integrated Available Available    
Rear Handlebars with Controls Available  
Front Power Switch    
Thread-break Sensor      
Bobbin-thread Cutter        
Quilt-view Camera with Quilter's Eye Technology        
Pinpoint Needle Laser        
On-screen Handwheel        
Warranty (casting/mechanical/electrical) 10yr/5yr/5yr 10yr/5yr/5yr 10yr/5yr/5yr 10yr/5yr/5yr 10yr/5yr/5yr
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