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 Lola Pink BERNINA Service + Repair Department

We are proud to offer in-house certified BERNINA service and repairs by a BERNINA certified technician.

It is the goal of the Lola Pink BERNINA Service + Repair department to get your machine running smoothly and to keep it running smoothly as quickly as possible.

Proper maintenance can mean the difference between years of loving your machine or years of frustration. BERNINA recommends yearly clean, oil, services for all machines or approximately every 1 million stitches. This means if you are a power user, it's recommended to service your machine more frequently.


Why so frequently?

By opening up the covers, we are able to remove all the old oil and grease, clean all the lint and fuzz that accumulates in places you can't reach, and perform checks to make sure your machine is running according to BERNINA specifications.


What work is performed in a clean, oil, and service?

During every clean, oil, and service we remove the covers and clean out all lint, fuzz, needle bits, pins, and every other foreign object not meant to be behind the covers. We remove the old grease and oil and replace it with BERNINA oil and grease. We also perform all the service checks to make sure your machine is running smoothly. The clean, oil, and service we perform is a thorough cleaning and servicing of the machine.


Do you just service BERNINA machines?

For now, yes and I apologize to all our non-BERNINA customers who are asking. To ensure timely service and repair, we are only accepting BERNINA machines.

Do you service BERNINA machines not bought at Lola Pink Fabrics?

Yes, we do. However, machines bought at Lola Pink are entitled to discounts on our service prices listed below and you are given Priority status. Buying a BERNINA from Lola Pink also lets you have the option of making a service appointment for same day Clean, Oil, and Services.


Do you require a deposit for service?

No, unless it is a special circumstance involving the older machines with particular issues. Otherwise, we have your BERNINA machine and therefore, we know you will be back to make payment. 

How much does it cost to Clean, Oil, and Service?

All clean, oil, and service is discounted if you bought your machine at Lola Pink Fabrics. You can call the shop for prices. 337.456.2364

BERNINA Classic Machines (930, 1030, 1130, 1230, all Activa and Aurora):
$100 for all models listed above

BERNINA sewing machine without a touchscreen (325, 335, 350, 380, 530, 550):  $150

BERNINA sewing with a touchscreen (435, 475, 480, 535, 560, 570, 580, 590, all 7-series): $200

BERNINA 8-series (820, 830, 880, 880+): $225

BERNINA embroidery module: +$50 to prices listed above

BERNINA overlock sergers: $150

BERNINA overlock + cover stitch combo sergers: $200


How much does it cost if my machine is not working and I need repairs?

We do not charge an upfront fee to repair machines. You'll just need to bring your machine in and we will assess the issue and give you an estimate for repairs. If you chose NOT to repair the machine, a $50 assessment fee will need to be paid; otherwise you would just pay the repair costs.


What is the warranty on repairs?

All work performed by Lola Pink comes with a 90-day warranty* on the work performed and on parts. (*Excludes work not performed by Lola Pink and parts not installed by us.)


How long do repairs take?

We like to get machines in and out as quickly as possible. A typical clean, oil, service with no major issues is usually completed within 14 days, most within 7 days. If there are issues or parts are needed, the time frame increases but we still do everything we can to get it back to you timely. If you bought your machine from Lola Pink, you will get Priority Status.

Can I make an appointment?

Yes, you can. Service appointments are available for those who purchase machines from Lola Pink Fabrics and incurs a $25 charge in addition to the service charges listed above. To qualify for an appointment, machine must be in good working condition and only require a Clean, Oil, and Service. Appointments are generally available on Wednesdays and Thursdays and must be made a minimum of two weeks in advance.


What do I need to bring with me?

Please include your power cord, foot control, #1 foot, and bobbincase. Optionally you can bring in your #3A foot and embroidery module (see pricing above). If your embroidery machine requires a different bobbincase, please bring it as well.You can leave all other accessories at home.