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Sandra Marshall

Sandra Marshall is our in shop classroom teacher who has been with us for over 4 years. We are very blessed to have her with us. She has a very impressive background in teaching and sewing. She taught junior high students in Morgan City, LA so she loves and knows how to share her knowledge.

She has honed her talents not only with many years of experience but by taking classes from master teachers. She first learned heirloom sewing by hand forty years ago from a student of Sarah Howard Stone. She took other heirloom classes from Masters such as Jeannie Baumeister of “Old Fashion Baby”, Wendy Schoen of “Petite Poche”, and Martha Pullen schools. Needless to say she is now a pro at heirloom sewing by machine!

She also spent a week end with Australian Pat Holden of “Australian Smocking Magazine” who taught the unique and amazing bishop method that Sandra teaches in our bishop class. She also teaches the beginner smocking and picture smocking classes with knowledge gleaned from these amazing Australians and from years of practice.

Sandra teaches all of our sit and sew, smocking, picture smocking, heirloom techniques, daygown, and many other specialty classes. She is an amazing teacher who loves to share her knowledge. You will be blessed if you take one of her classes. She has so many tips to share that will make your sewing so much more enjoyable.

Sharon Doise

Sharon Doise is our Long Arm Certification Teacher and also teaches other fun classes. Among her many talents, Long Arm Quilting is her passion!  She’s been quilting for 30 years.  You’ll enjoy her lessons and have fun learning as she has always loved taking classes on tips and tricks on easier and faster ways to piece quilts allowing her to pass that on to you when you take her classes.

Although from Louisiana, Sharon lived in Omaha, Nebraska for 16 years where they do a lot of quilting. This is where she trained on free hand quilting, ruler work, pantograph and quilt piecing.  In addition, she’s taken specialty classes in Utah learning computerized programming for the long arm and many other quilting skills. Sharon has been teaching long arm quilting for many years.

Sharon opened her own company “Simply Quilting” where she takes in quilts of all kinds, shapes and sizes for those who only like to make quilt tops but can’t or have no interest in quilting it together.  That’s where she comes in!  We can connect you with Sharon if you need her to put some beautiful finishing touches on your masterpiece quilt!!

If you’re interested in Long Arm Quilting, Quilt Piecing or multiple other craft classes, watch for Sharon’s classes in the future.