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BERNINA Downloadable Workbooks

BERNINA Mastery Classes are based off the downloadable workbooks provided by BERNINA.
We recommend downloading them and having them printed for reference.

BERNINA Sewing Mastery Workbook

BERNINA Sewing Mastery Workbook - for all Current Model BERNINAs

BERNINA Sewing Accessories Workbook - for all Current Model BERNINAs

BERNINA Embroidery Machine Workbook

My BERNINA Embroidery - 880 Plus, 790 Plus, 770, 700, 590, 570, 535, 500

BERNINA 880 Mastery Workbooks

My BERNINA 880 Workbook 1 - Meet the Machine

My BERNINA 880 Workbook 2 - So Many Stitches

My BERNINA 880 Workbook 3 - Not Directionally Challenged

My BERNINA 880 Workbook 4 - Stitch Designer

My BERNINA 880 Workbook 5 - Smooth Operators

My BERNINA 880 Workbook 6 - Embroidery Intro

My BERNINA 880 Workbook 7 - Endless Embroidery, Shaping, & More

BERNINA Serger Workbooks

My BERNINA Serger Workbook  - Overlocker (L860, L890)

My BERNINA Serger Workbook - Cover/Chain (L890)

My BERNINA Serger Workbook (L450, L460, L850)

My BERNINA Serger Accessories Workbook (L450, L460, L850, L860, L890)

bernette Mastery Workbook - Overlock (b44, b48, b64, b68)

bernette Mastery Workbook - Cover/Chain (b42, b48, b62, b68)

BERNINA Q-Series Workbooks

BERNINA Q-Series Workbook - all Sit-down and Frame Models

BERNINA Q-matic Workbook

BERNINA Q-Series Accessory Workbook - all Sit-down and Frame Models

bernette Workbooks

bernette Mastery Workbook - Sewing b77 & b79

bernette Mastery Workbook - Embroidery b70 & b79

bernette Mastery Workbook - b33, b35, & Sew and Go

bernette Mastery Workbook - b37 & b38

BERNINA Software V9 Workbooks

My BERNINA Software Workbook - Designer Plus V9

My BERNINA Software Workbook - Creator V9

Lola Pink Fabrics User Guides

Download BERNINA ArtLink V8 Software
Writing Embroidery Files to a USB Stick Using ArtLink


Link to all of BERNINAs e-Books covering stitching, embroidery, heirloom, sergers, and many other topics

Retired Model Workbooks

My BERNINA Workbook 1 - Basic Operation

My BERNINA Workbook 2 - Stitch Fun

My BERNINA Workbook 3 - Creative Options

My BERNINA Accessories

My BERNINA Embroidery - 880, 790, 750, 580, 560, Deco 340

My BERNINA Serger Workbook - Basic Overlocker Use (L450, L460, 1300)

My BERNINA Serger Workbook 2 - Overlocker Plus (L450, L460, 1300)

BERNINA Software V8 Workbooks

My BERNINA Software Workbook 1 - Basic Features

My BERNINA Software Workbook 2 - Automatic Digitizing

My BERNINA Software Workbook 3 - Advanced Features

My BERNINA Software Workbook 4 - Application Programs